About the Practice

About the Practice

Let me guess—you know you should get regular dental checkups, but the thought of spending an hour or more in the chair at the mercy of a dentist you barely know is enough to get your heart thumping? We get it, and we’ve heard all the excuses and horror stories before:

  • You don’t have time to visit the dentist on a regular basis.
  • You brush your teeth three times a day—isn’t that enough?
  • You haven’t been to the dentist in years and don’t feel like being lectured.
  • You’re not having problems with your teeth, so why make an unnecessary appointment?
  • You had an awful/ painful experience with a dentist in the past.

If any of the above scenarios describe you, you’re not alone. We take pride in our practice, but we’re well aware that going to the dentist isn’t Canadians’ favorite pastime. On the contrary, we know that most people dread going to the dentist, and we want to help make your oral health care checkups and procedures more comfortable and yes—even enjoyable!

That’s exactly why we’ve built a dental practice centered around you—the patient. Unlike other dentist’s offices, our services are not one-size fits-all. Instead, we’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality customized dental cleanings, check-ups, and procedures tailored around your specific oral health care needs. Our talented and experienced staff will assess your individual needs and deliver only the dental procedures you actually need. We don’t put you through any unnecessary treatments for the sake of protocol. Why? Because we genuinely care about both your time and your comfort.

Dr. “Diane”

The Dentist

Dr. Diane M. Bird grew up with a talent for working with her hands and a natural desire to help others. These two innate qualities are what first drew her to the field of dentistry. While studying for her B.S. in Biology, she worked as a dental assistant to Dr. Joe Fast, a well-respected dentist whom Diane genuinely enjoyed working with and considered a mentor. After finishing dental school in 1996, Diane worked for another five years with Dr. Fast, this time as an associate dentist. In 2001, Diane purchased the business from him and began her own practice.

The Staff

Dr. Diane Bird’s loyal staff has been working with her for a combined forty-four years, a testament to Diane’s talent, not only as a dentist but as a great boss as well! And yes—they call her by her first name. The staff is comprised of:

  • Elissa– Elissa currently works as a receptionist, but also has a dental background. She has been working alongside Diane since 1996.
  • Susan– Susan has been with Diane for twelve years as a certified dental assistant (CDA) who has a special talent for communicating with patients and educating them about their dental health care without embarrassing or patronizing them.
  • Vicky– Vicky is the most experienced member of the staff, having worked with Diane and Dr. Fast since 1979. She works as both a receptionist and a CDA.
  • Dental Hygienists–   Diane is also assisted by three dental hygienists, Wendy, Tamara, and Andrea.

The Atmosphere

Diane makes it a point to greet every patient with a smile and a friendly hello. She is keenly aware of the phobia some people have of going to the dentist and will make every effort to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Her laid-back nature, natural charisma, and great sense of humor will put you at ease and make the time spent in the chair fly by. Diane has surrounded herself with a staff who shares her commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction, so every interaction you have during your appointment is guaranteed to be a positive one.

Our practice has been serving the people of Vancouver since 1973, and we’d love for you to be our next patient. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you continue or jumpstart your oral health regimen.

Give Dr. “Diane” a Call at (604) 736-7373

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